My Kinda SHE

She had a breathtaking beauty Graciously coveted with Earth-dark nativity Dazzled like the reflection of the sun She’d what it took to be kept for eternity Wishing she was part of your lineage fraternity Making all those around her matter As her love spreads evenly-smooth as butter And in her warm embrace you feel protected While her amorous antics can’t be resisted Her white-toothpaste smile … Continue reading My Kinda SHE

The Bitcoin Revolution: its benefits

                            Written By: Voltagemdascrybe Bitcoin is a virtual currency (digital currency) for transacting business. It was developed somewhere in 2009 by an anonymous computer programmer.Indeed, this insurgence of bitcoin revolution has been mundaned with doubts and controversy as the International Business Community has not wholly accepted it as a legal tender for the … Continue reading The Bitcoin Revolution: its benefits

CONFLICTS: Effects And Resolution

By: Julian Mayls-Ashar A Conflict is the disagreement between two feuding parties which can result into civil strife and cause harm to lives and properties. Disagreements, and or rife opposition may arise due to differences in points of view, ideology, uninformed choices or decisions, and more so, unhealthy competition that may yield either positive or negative consequences. Today’s world has been saddled and laden with … Continue reading CONFLICTS: Effects And Resolution

OGUNU: The Land Of Contention

OGUNU: The Land Of Contention Once there existed two empires several centuries ago, Thuranga and Grandashoor that were separated by a great river called Apokano. These two empires were located in the region of Myppotamia. There was this vast arable land; very fertile and had huge mineral deposits. This land was known as Ogunu. Ogunu stretched its boundary from the West of Thuranga Empire and … Continue reading OGUNU: The Land Of Contention